Client Testimonials

People have been asking me to add a testimonial page to my website so here it is.
Thank you to all my clients for your feedback and comments.

"I enjoyed the Thai Reflexology so much. It was a very relaxing experience! The next morning I stretched my feet before I got out of bed and they felt a lot better on the initial first few steps.  Thanks for checking up."

Lesley P.

"Thanks for the check up. I felt really tired when I left and had about a hour and a half rest. Then woke up and had great energy for the rest of the weekend. Had a good bowel movement on sat and the nausea went away for a couple days also. Will defiantly be coming back. Thanks."

T. L.

"Thanks for the follow up, I feel great and not sure if this makes sense but more peaceful. I`m more relaxed and have more energy as well, thanks!  I`m looking forward to seeing you again."

Deb C.

"Hi Dawn, I am good and I felt really good after even one session. Thanks for asking. I really like the service, atmosphere at your place.
I will be back."


“It was incredible meeting you the other day. You have a beautiful soul, and I am so grateful that you share your healing gifts with the world. Two days after my session, I felt huge relief from my back and sinuses. I'm also sleeping a lot better. Your healing energy had stayed with me for a few days after my session as I could feel my lower back was really hot, just like during my reiki session. I felt like my back was releasing a block that was there, and I've been able to go about my daily business a lot more easier.

I haven't taken any pain killers, just the occasional tiger balm application. Every day I am feeling notably better! I will have to come back in the fall to continue my healing journey! Thank you again for everything, you are truly a very gifted healer.”

Jill M.

"When my husband and I were in a severe car accident 2 years ago, the doctors couldn't help me with my whiplash. I saw Dawn a week after the accident and had been suffering from pain all over my body. When I lied on her table, she instantly noticed that my right hip was completely out. My right foot was pointing completely right and almost turned backwards. She said "Oh dear Talua we need to fix this!" With her very gentle moves, I felt my hip guide back into place. My back and neck pain were gone instantly. I also suffer like most women when it comes to that favorite time of the month. I would have the worst cramps and it felt like a miscarriage over and over again. With her help and Reflexology and Reiki that she offers, my cramps are not as severe and my ovaries and uterus are not contracting the way they used too for years. I LOVE A NEW DAWN REFLEXOLOGY and I pray that insurance companies will start looking into this healing modality and start supporting it. Thank you Dawn for being who you are, a truly beautiful blessed earth angel who gently guides and heals people by just being you." <3"

Talua Manning