Brazilian Toe Massage

Sole-istic Approach!

The Brazilian Toe Massage is an interesting holistic (or sole-istic!) approach to healing. In minutes this remarkable drug free therapy brings a state of calmness and tranquility to the stressed and hyper-active individual, allowing the body to heal and repair.


This pressure point massage healing technique with light touches on the toes, as the name suggests, originates from Brazil. There are 6 energy meridians that connect to organs in the body all of which end in the toes. They are the heart, spleen, liver, stomach, gallbladder and kidneys. Ones emotional state has been said to correlate to different organs, for example, the liver and gallbladder relate to anger, kidney and bladder relate to fear, heart to joy and spleen to anguish.


By holding the toes, the energy meridians can be influenced by creating a circuit of Chi energy between the practitioner and the client, this in turn influences the organs. Like acupuncture this can bring about changes on the emotional state by emptying out excessive energy trapped in the organs and by increasing the flow of energy into depleted or undercharged organs. Brazilian Toe massage is an excellent complimentary therapy to help deal with ADHD and ADD.


Brazilian Toe Massage can help:

  • calm hyperactivity

  • reduce stress and tension

  • promote a deep state of relaxation

  • reduce aches and pains

  • reduce headaches

  • reduce insomnia


A Brazilian Toe Massage session is about 1/2 hour (allow extra time on your first visit to complete/review the health questionnaire). Sitting barefoot in a semi-reclined position in a very comfortable chair, I will examine your feet, perform some relaxation techniques to help loosen and relax the muscles of the feet, and then begin the Brazilian Toe Massage which is a specific sequence of toe holdings for up to 15 minutes. A gentle foot massage ends the session.

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